Angela Davise CD Release, Redray Frazier, Libretto

Angela Davise CD Release, Redray Frazier, Libretto

Fri, May 26, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Angela Davise - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Angela Davise
Angela Davise, Georgia born, California Grown, Portland Grounded, started her journey with musical expression several years ago. From the time she was a child she searched for outlets to release the emotional depth of her heart through the expression of, poetry, art, and dance.

Having been the daughter of a single father there were many trials that were endured by her with an inevitable brokenness that comes from life that was completely changed the unexplained events that were happening. This is what began the outpouring of emotion from her heart.

The music of Angela Davise evokes an emotional response to the deepest of secret cries within the heart. The total abandonment to the world of listeners to be completely transparent in songwriting paints a very clear picture of struggle and survival, sadness and joy, defeat overcome by victorious cries of an unrelenting hope.

As you listen to the musings of Angela Davise, sit back, relax and feel the music and expressions of it and get to know-Angela!
Redray Frazier - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Redray Frazier
[SOUL ROCK] Sitting on a stool, acoustic guitar in hand, Redray Frazier leans in close to the microphone, talking in a tone that would be little more than a whisper without the aid of Imbibe’s sound system: “I’m Redray Frazier,” he says. “Thanks for coming out and supporting local music.” And then Frazier does what he does best—delivers a soulful mix of rock, folk and blues, seamlessly flowing each style together into one unique sound that ignites the spirit.
With the release of his long-awaited solo debut, Follow Me, Frazier has finally immortalized the sound that’s made him one of Portland’s best-kept musical secrets for the better part of five years (ever since he relocated to Portland from NYC). Originally conceived as two individual EPs—one acoustic, the other electronic—Frazier instead opted to release a single disc that showcases the diversity that defines his live shows. Equally adept at performing mellow, spiritual sets with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and singing with the intensity of a gospel-touting revivalist in front of a full band, Frazier’s versatility shines through on Follow Me.
The ease with which he moves between an eclectic mix of styles can best be heard on the two versions of “Knockin’ on Your Door,” one of Frazier’s signature live numbers—and the only song on Follow Me to get both the acoustic and electronic treatment. A frustrated confession of desire, the acoustic version of the song stays close to its sweaty blues roots; Frazier plays his guitar with a furious intensity that recalls Richie Havens at Woodstock. By contrast, the electronic remix opts to frame Frazier’s desperation in a hypnotic, seductive rhythm: Over beats by Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture, Dahlia, Suckapunch), Frazier admits, “When my soul’s in need of it/ It’s me knockin’ on your door.”
Frazier’s musical journey—from his youth spent in popular New York-based hip-hop/soul group Funky Poets to stints with the C+C Music Factory-produced Brat Pack and the critically acclaimed Mosaic—has lasted nearly 20 years and covered a lot of territory. But, with the release of Follow Me, the now-30-something singer-songwriter has truly come into his own. Communicating in a language perfected by such varying influences as Otis Redding, Nina Simone and John Lennon, Frazier possesses the innate ability to cut to the musical chase. Like an old friend standing at your side, hand firmly on your shoulder while whispering in your ear, Frazier’s music speaks clearly to the heart and soul.

Originally Published on May 9th, 2007 Willamette Week
Libretto - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Libretto is one sixth of the Misfit Massive Crew, which includes Sly Da Brown Hornet, Dub-flex, Jumbo, Vursatyl, and Razor Shines. The later three crew members collectively make up the Lifesavas. The crew has been making a buzz for itself through constant live performances across the world, the release of records on their own label, Misfit Massive Records, and more notably thru Quannum Project's signing of the Lifesavas.

Libretto's style, what the crew terms as "illoet" (as in "ill-Poet"), draws from his father's influence--an activist heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement, an Olympic coach for the US track and field team in the '76 and '88 Summer Olympics, and a caring, thoughtful, and mentoring individual. These qualities all came down to Libretto intact, and flow straight from the heart. Libretto speaks thru rhyme about issues that confront and concern him... But it doesn't stop there--Illoet isn't just about rhymes and content, it also refers to Libretto's flow. A flow that will bring you back to the early '90s--which for Libretto was spent growing up in Jordan Downs
(the infamous Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles). These projects were the birthplace for the classic west coast sound, defined in the mainstream by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. It was a sound that, for better or for worse, defined a whole new era in hip hop...

It was here in Southern California that Libretto first started rapping at the tender age of 6--rocking the mic with local DJs at roller skating rinks as well as clubs like Orange County's The Palace, to the Hollywood Palladium. His father's desire to remove Libretto from Watts became a reality when they relocated to Portland, Oregon in the mid nineties. It was in Portland that Libretto met up with Jumbo and the rest of The Misfit Massive Crew. In Portland Libretto continued on his quest, releasing joints on Misfit Massive Records, Jus Family Records and doing local shows. He soon found himself touring nationally on the Cali-Comm tour with the Lifesavas, Del The Funky Homosapien, People Under The Stairs, Motion Man, & Kut Masta Kurt. Libretto has also performed shows with The Beatnuts, Blackalicious, Latyrx, Lyrics Born, Dead Prez, Eydea & Ablities, Declaime, Source of Labor, labelmate Onry Ozzborn and Oldominion, and countless others. Libretto has been featured on both The Boom Bap Project, and Lifesavas new albums.

Looking forward to the new Libretto 12": Dirty Thangs and Alma Mater. Fellow crewmate and producer Jumbo wanted to create tracks that respected the foundations of hip-hop. Libretto and Jumbo have done a marvelous job and One Drop is proud to present the results.
Dirty Thangs & Alma Mater gives a sneak preview of Libretto's forthcoming album on One Drop and showcases two ends of the spectrum that will be represented on the album.
Venue Information:
The Secret Society
116 NE Russell
Portland, OR, 97212