There Is No Mountain, Seahorse, Gina Villalobos, Amee Chapman

There Is No Mountain


Gina Villalobos

Amee Chapman

Mon, August 21, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

There Is No Mountain - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
There Is No Mountain
There Is No Mountain is a Portland, OR-based husband-and-wife duo that combines percussion, guitar, and an affinity for vocal harmony to create a unique brand of pop with intricate, world-music-influenced arrangements. The band's subtly virtuosic style has been compared in print to current acts like The Dirty Projectors and classics like Paul Simon's Graceland, but it is perhaps more telling that reviewers have tried to peg the duo's musical influences in genres ranging from jazz to folk, classical to psychedelic rock, and world music to doom metal (all are correct!). Kali and Matt usually just call it "pop with a short attention span".

TINM's live set-up is an exercise in multitasking - the duo sings nearly everything in harmony while Kali plays a medley of tom drums and percussive instruments, and Matt animates his acoustic guitar using nimble fingers and a bunch of carefully chosen effect pedals. African rhythms, jazz harmonies, shape-shifting arrangements, theatrical melodies, and psychedelic swirls seep through the americana exterior, making the live show a total surprise to any first-timer. After spending the last couple years on constant self-booked tours all over the country and finding themselves in situations ranging from 110-degree basements to a headline show at Lincoln Center in NYC, TINM is excited to be releasing new material this spring.
Seahorse - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
An Oregon transplant by way of Central Pennsylvania, Rich Swanger learned harmony and twang via the church pew and his father’s country band. In his early 20's, New Country gave way to Grunge, Alt-Country, and Indie on the way back to an Americana sound drawing from all of the above and then some. Rich adopted the Seahorse moniker in 2004 as a nod to a distinctive, patient and persistent seafarer – a symbol of safe passage and tranquility amongst the unpredictable waters.

Rich creates songs that are contemplative and resonant. His strong voice and pen shepherd voyageurs in search of strength, peace, redemption, and hope. Seahorse released its latest full-length album, The Fire’s Heart in the spring of 2015 on Raven’s Flight Records. Brian Mosher and Billy Johnson, of the PDX band Norman, figured largely in the shaping of The Fire's Heart and when schedules allow, have become indispensable members of Seahorse.

How easy it is to get transfixed by the fire and by the thing fueling the fire. The songs on The Fire’s Heart feature a cast of characters carrying fires within them – jealousy, doubt, love, revenge, obsession, compassion, guilt. These fires sustain while also threatening to consume. These fires are their humanity…and ours as well.
Gina Villalobos - (Set time: 7:35 PM)
Gina Villalobos
Blessed with a voice that can sound tough and vulnerable at will and a gift for writing songs that mine rough-hewn beauty from life's tragedies, Gina Villalobos became one of the most acclaimed new artists in the alternative country community with her breakthrough album, 2004's Rock 'n' Roll Pony, though it took her a long, hard road to get there. Villalobos was born in Lake Sherwood, CA, not far from Malibu; her father was a cinematographer and her mother was a passionate music fan and amateur vocalists who shared her love of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Linda Ronstadt, and Waylon Jennings with her daughter. Villalobos started playing guitar in high school, and after a brief stab at college, she decided to take a shot at a career in music after seeing a life-changing Rickie Lee Jones concert. Villalobos sang in a pair of rock bands that won some local buzz in southern California, Liquid Sunshine and the Mades, before striking out on her own as a solo artist in 2001. Villalobos released her first solo album, Beg from Me, in 2002, in which she allowed her expressive songwriting to come to the forefront for the first time. Villalobos supported the album with plenty of appearances at California nightclubs, and in early 2003 she began work on a follow-up. However, in October of that year Villalobos was involved in a serious accident that resulted in severe damage to her right eye; after several rounds of surgery, doctors informed Villalobos that the blindness in her right eye would be permanent, and she would likely suffer side effects for years to come. While the news was an emotional body blow, Villalobos poured her creative energies into her music as a way of both expressing and channeling her pain. Villalobos completed the album Rock 'n' Roll Pony in 2004, and the disc became a major critical success in both the United States and Great Britain; after legendary BBC disc jockey Bob Harris called it "a contender for album of the year," she embarked on the first of several acclaimed tours of the U.K., despite health problems brought on by her accident and aggravated by the stress of touring. Villalobos signed with the European independent label Laughing Outlaw, which reissued both Beg from Me and Rock 'n' Roll Pony, and she later struck a deal with Face West Records in the United States, which issued the American edition of her third solo disc, Miles Away, in the spring of 2007, with tours of both the United States and Europe to follow.
Amee Chapman - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Amee Chapman
With a voice that conveys both the brutal honesty of a changing California and the tender footed sweetness of its past, Amee Chapman maintains a meandering love affair with the roots of American music and with the oft times bitter realities of rural soul. Influenced by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Esther Phillips, and Jeff Tweedy, her singing, songwriting and guitar playing reflect the images of the average and eccentric: lonesome highway phone booths, sea faring whiskey rebels, city wise angeled outlaws and suicidal tattooed cowboys, all of them pent up together on a stretch of land between the past and the present.

Amee has spent the years pedaling her musical wares in front of the audiences of Jolie Holland as well as Michelle Malone, Caroline Aiken, Sean Hayes, Nathan Moore and The White Buffalo. She was chosen as a finalist in the '98 Lilith Fair competition, in the '98 Sierra Songwriters Festival and as a showcase at the 2001 and 2003 Nashville New Music Conferences. Her band won a coveted SAMMIE Award in 2006 for Best Country/Bluegrass Band. Currently, Amee performs up and down the West Coast, at clubs in L.A. (Tangiers, Hotel Café), San Francisco (Café Du Nord, Starry Plough, Make Out Room, Hotel Utah) Sacramento (Blue Lamp, Fox and Goose, Marilyn's, Old Ironsides, Crest Theater) and on the Coast (Don Quixote's, Moe's Alley & Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz, as well as venues in SLO and Santa Barbara).

Attracted to the aliveness of vinyl and analog, Amee chose to record her 3rd release, Still Life, which was released late October 2004, with producer and engineer Desmond Shea (Tom Waits, Court and Spark, Virgil Shaw) of San Francisco. Collaborating with co-writer Nichole Robbins, the album is a collection of stories, of people met and conversations overheard, of melancholy and tenderness. The album features backing vocals by Jolie Holland and is supported by the San Francisco All Star band of John Hofer (Mother Hips, Persephonees Bees), Marc Capelle (American Music Club, Virgil Shaw), Rob Douglas (Chuck Prophet), Tony Mattioli (Stolen Bibles) and Jeffrey Luck Lucas (Galveston).

Amee is currently finishing her 4th release, Grace is Hell to Keep, with producer and musician Alan Evans (Soulive).
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