The Way Downs present Amy, Amy, Amy! w/Louder Than Moz

The Way Downs present Amy, Amy, Amy! w/Louder Than Moz

Fri, March 30, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12 adv • $15 door

This event is 21 and over

The Way Downs
The Way Downs
The Way Downs pull their sound from the gold mine of pre-disco funk—the same deep tracks now widely sampled by DJ’s and producers all over the world. It’s good-time, groove-based, stank-faced dance music with a jazz heart and a funky soul.

Put it this way: let’s say Huggy Bear is getting down with Foxy Brown . . . the El Dorado’s still warm in the driveway, Baretta’s flickering on the Magnavox, and the Way Downs are what’s spinning on the hi-fi. Aw yeah, now you got it!

The Way Downs started in 1995 as a bass, drums, and sax crew called the Jack Buddha Trio. The JB3 had a nice run around the Portland area, playing clubs, parties, and big-time events. After a bit of a hiatus, the band added some pieces and re-formed in 2006 as a quintet and is currently performing as a septet.

The Way Downs have played with Devin Phillips, Will Bernard, Das Vibenbass, The Quick and Easy Boys, Seoul Brother 1, The Excellent Gentlemen, Brownish Black, Trio Subtonic, Poncho Luxurio, The Goodfoot Allstars, and Maurice Brown at venues such as The Goodfoot, The Blue Monk, The Laurelthirst, Someday Lounge, Biddy Mcgraw’s, The Bitter End, The Tiger Bar, The White Eagle, Double Mountain Brewery, Everybody’s Brewing, and The San Dune Pub.

The Way Downs are:

Devon Detweiler – vocals, flute

Bruce Withycombe – baritone saxophone, alto saxophone

Matt Moor – trumpet, flugelhorn

Pat Munson – guitar, vocals

Maynard Scott – keys, tenor saxophone

Matt Sherman – bass

Lorenzo Ciacci – drums

Devon Detweiler

A native of Hawaii, Devon attributes her island roots and her pseudo-military upbringing to her rather compulsive tendency to simultaneously hang loose and bounce around all over the place. Her travels have taken her to some crazy places and she has spent considerable amounts of time on all 7 continents meeting some pretty awesome/weird/amazing/freaky people. She fantasizes about going to space more than any sane human really should and has always had a not-so-secret desire to climb Mt. Everest, even though she is totally ok with the fact that she will probably never do it. Her tastes in music are as far reaching (and sometimes just as questionable) as her tastes in men, friends, fashion, cuisine, pastimes and possible career paths, but she accepts her poorer choices as a part of the process of evolution and extols herself endlessly for her occasional manifestations of awesomeness. She has been playing music since she was 7 and melting faces (and the occasional heart) with her voice since she discovered that her soul might actually reside in her vocal cords.

Bruce Withycombe

When not tooting his own horn, Bruce likes to embellish his minor accomplishments and name-drop (like the time he attended a World Series baseball game with Ted Turner and appeared on David Letterman). On occasion those toots can sometimes sound almost musical, and when they do, he likes to be sure there is a band around to give his random honks and snorts some structure. While Bruce has successfully applied this model to acts like The Decemberists, The Violent Femmes, Bobby Bare Jr., Jujuba, Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons, The Kathy Walker Band and a few others, it’s his ability to skip rehearsal, show up on-time for gigs, and order jello shots that have made him an essential part of the Way Downs sound.

Matt Moor

Matt is the walking definition of an audiophile. His den houses a rather intimidating collection of records and an impressive hi-fi setup, which is somewhat reminiscent of those old Maxell cassette ads, as the chair in front of his massive speakers will actually blow the hair out of your face if you happen to have any. Even though Matt has an eclectic selection of musical talents and offerings, it is probably people’s desire to solve the eternal mystery of what is happening under that hat coupled with his well-known adamancy about Sade’s “Soldier of Love” being THE best album to get busy to that makes him so highly sought after, both onstage and off.

Pat Munson

Patrick Munson was playing in bands before it was cool. He has been a member of more musical troupes over the years than he cares to recall and that most people will not. His instruments include: guitar, bass, lap steel, mandolin, and ukulele. Patrick also sings, writes songs, and once made a video called Albino Raindrops that actually won some awards.

Maynard Scott

Spawned in a land bereft of soul and yearning to unoxymoronize the moniker ‘Utah Jazz’, Maynard has been playing soul/funk/noisyjazz since the late eighties with the likes of Swee Rhino and JB3 prior to forming the Way Downs. A multi-instrumentalist, his primary toys are keyboards and saxophone. His heroes include Jimmy McGriff, Pharaoh Sanders, Booker T, Otis Redding and the Boxcar Kids.

Matt Sherman

Originally raised in the swampy lowlands of Borneo by a group of

gibbons, Matt Sherman was trapped by English fur traders and sold into

Portland’s then-illegal, underground funk trade. Matt Sherman has

brought the dulcet sounds of his bass to bands like Calobo, The Crack

City Rockers, and the JB3.

Lorenzo Ciacci

Starting at an early age, he began making noise on any given surface or kitchen utensil within reach. Upon acquiring a drumset he proceeded to confuse and annoy family members and friends alike. After a considerable amount of subterfuge and misdirection, Lorenzo joined his first band where he continued to confuse and annoy, this time, paying audiences as well as friends and relatives. One of the founding members of the early inception of The Way Downs, known as JB3, he has always been fascinated with the funky musics and the endless amounts of fun that tend to occur when played with good people. Over the years he has composed music for video games, commercials, television and movies, largely when people didn’t know where else to turn or whom else to speak with. Lorenzo has had the pleasure, and caused much misfortune or displeasure to play and/or work with the following acts. . . . Mannheim Steamroller, Henry Kaiser, TOOL, OWL, Tinzen, Xing, Deep Sky, ambr.sea, Hybrid, G.S. Sachdev, Sidecar, The Brother Egg, Slugabed, Zakir Hussain, The Me, Big Foam Finger and even more people and acts that you’ve never ever heard of, or would want to run into in a dark alley, let alone have coffee with.
Louder Than Moz
Louder Than Moz
Louder Thank Moz is Portland's preeminent Smiths/Morrissey tribute band. LTM formed in 2015 after Paul Tyo (guitar) and Troy Nixon (vocals) saw the Mozzer himself live in concert. Inspired by the enthusiastic, dedicated fan base they witnessed that evening and due to their own love of one of the most unique catalogs of songs in existence, they soon added Geof Garner (drums) and Don Scharz (bass) to round out LTM's lineup. Louder Than Moz plays throughout the northwest region for other true believers--lovingly recreate these timeless gems with deft attention to detail.
Venue Information:
The Secret Society
116 NE Russell
Portland, OR, 97212