Sunday Supper Club feat. Jazz & Blues w/King Louie & LaRhonda Steele

Sunday Supper Club feat. Jazz & Blues w/King Louie & LaRhonda Steele

Brenda Jean Russell, Silver Slipper Sisters, Rose City Sweets, Judy Tibbles' Skylark Tappers

Sun, April 15, 2018

Doors: 6:45 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$15 pew seating & additional VIP seats, $50 VIP Table (2-top), $100 VIP Table (4-top)

Portland's premier social dance and entertainment experience. Step back in time into a space of inspiration and magic.

Dance lesson by Brenda Jean Russell at 7PM!

Live music, performances, dancing 7:45-10pm!

All ages welcome!

Sunday Supper Club - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Sunday Supper Club
Portland's premier social dance and entertainment experience. Step back in time into a space of inspiration and magic.
Live music, performances, dancing 7-10pm!

Sitting with Bobby Torres, reminiscing about Sunday Supper Club in New York City, we both say, “why doesn’t Portland have one?” I’ve always wondered why my beloved Portland was lacking this critical piece of community culture. Sunday Supper Club is always my favorite event to attend when I visit a city, NYC, LA, Oakland... Here starts our journey with this new project incorporating Portland’s finest musicians, fabulous dancers/entertainers, and YOU, out for a fine evening in a classy joint with fantastic cocktails, select dinner menu and shared plates, dancing cheek to cheek, kicking up your heels, clapping your hands, being amazed, and looking amazing. Can’t wait to see you there!
King Louie & LaRhonda Steele - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
King Louie & LaRhonda Steele
Louis was dubbed "Portland's Boss of the B-3" by The Oregonian, and KOIN t.v. calls LaRhonda Steele, "Portland's First Lady of the Blues!" This dynamic duo first teamed up back in 1994, at a Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival gospel set organized by Louis. However, they only worked together occasionally until the past few years, when they began playing together frequently in Louis’ all-star blues & soul revues, in the Linda Hornbuckle Band, and more.

In 2016, Louis & LaRhonda released a CD together, “Rock Me Baby," that has received a lot of buzz in the NW and beyond, including a 4-star review in the January 2016 Downbeat Magazine. (Downbeat also nominated the CD for "Best Blues Album" in their 2016 Critic's Poll, and the CD was included in the January 2017 "Best Albums of 2016" issue.) The CD beautifully captures the soulful, spontaneous, fun quality of the group's stripped-down club dates.

Following the release of "Rock Me Baby," King Louie & LaRhonda Steele played a series of gigs at Portland's top jazz & blues venue, Jimmy Mak's, a main stage performance at the 2016 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, and an electrifying set at Italy's prestigious Porretta Soul Festival in July, 2017 that was captured on video.

On a new CD, "King Louie's Blues Revue: Live At Riverhouse Jazz," LaRhonda is joined by two other NW soul/blues vocal powerhouses, Andy Stokes and Lisa Mann. The early reviews of the "Riverhouse" CD have been another series of raves, including another 4-star write-up in Downbeat.
Brenda Jean Russell - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Brenda Jean Russell
Brenda Jean is fulfilling her childhood dream as a professional dancer and instructor, movement educator, and wellness coach. Brenda Jean’s early dance training included about 30 dance styles. She has also studied musical history, dance history, dance instruction, mind/body, movement education, medical qi gong, and other related subjects adding to her knowledge of the body, dance, music, and teaching. Brenda Jean continues to study and train with coaches, historians, and practitioners, always striving to increase her understanding and ability. She believes we are all born with dance in our bodies, and that each of us can use this activity as a means for personal expression, connecting with others, and healing. Brenda Jean loves the image of being able to dance anytime, anywhere, to any music, alone, or with anyone. She spends her time living this dream for herself while assisting her students in accomplishing their personal goals.”
Silver Slipper Sisters - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Silver Slipper Sisters
DanceMode Production's Silver Slipper Sister's perform weekly at the Secret Society's Sunday Supper Club. Come check us out every Sunday 7-10pm.
Rose City Sweets - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Rose City Sweets
DanceMode Production's Rose City Sweets are a women's dance company that has existed in various iterations since 2005. Lead by Brenda Russell who has been participating in and leading women's dance groups since the year 2000. For women in social dance to be able to dance, to really dance, without needing a man to make it happen is vital for the health of these women and our communities. We all love to feel like a princess when we're waltzed around the room by a partner, and we love to feel like the divas we are as we stand together shaking our things on the stage.
Judy Tibbles' Skylark Tappers - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Judy Tibbles' Skylark Tappers
Venue Information:
The Secret Society
116 NE Russell
Portland, OR, 97212