The Jumptown Aces

Happy Hour!

The Jumptown Aces

Fri, August 3, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm


The Jumptown Aces - (Set time: 6:00 PM)
The Jumptown Aces
The Jumptown Aces is a band that gives the experience of what music was like back before cell phones, internet and CDs. People used to get dressed up and hit the town to dance to whatever great band was playing that night. The 40's and 50's were a great time in live music history. Popular Big Band Swing shifted to Rock n' Roll and what happened in between on less broadcasted radio stations, juke joints and dance halls was magical. That is what makes up the essence of The Jumptown Aces. Hard hitting swinging rhythms, honkin' sax parts, fast walking bass lines, greasy guitar riffs and blues shouting vocals is what you will hear when you listen to this band live. It is nearly impossible to stand still while listening to these fellas. Whether you are an experienced swing dancer or just like to move you body in a random contorted fashion, you do not want to miss The Jumptown Aces do their thing!
Venue Information:
The Secret Society
116 NE Russell
Portland, OR, 97212