Sharlet Crooks Single/Video Release, w/Mbrascatu, Hannah Haas

Sharlet Crooks Single/Video Release, w/Mbrascatu, Hannah Haas

Fri, February 1, 2019

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)

$10 advance ● $12 cash at the door

This event is 21 and over

Tickets will be sold online until 1pm on the day of the show. Any remaining tickets will be sold for cash at the door beginning at 7pm.

Sharlet Crooks - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
Sharlet Crooks
As one of Portland’s newest bands, Sharlet Crooks has already captivated a loyal following with music that manages to sound both hauntingly familiar and effortlessly authentic. Reminiscent of Lake Street Dive mixed with Margo Price and Florence and the Machine, Corinne Sharlet’s soaring voice combined with Zach Hinkelman’s warm, blues guitar tones propels listeners into a fresh and provocative frontier in modern Americana music.

Sharlet Crooks is the culmination of Corinne Sharlet’s (songwriter and vocalist) long love affair singing and songwriting. After joining forces with lead guitar player and co-songwriter, Zach Hinkelman, Corinne felt like she could finally write the music she had been hearing in her head. Zach describes being drawn to Corinne’s songwriting not only because she is a “great vocalist with a mesmerizing voice, she is a gifted and compelling lyricist.”

Bassist, Jordan Korach, came on to play for the band’s first EP and quickly felt driven to become a full time member after falling in love with their music. Korach rounds out their sound providing tasteful backing vocals and percussion. Sharlet Crooks plays versatile, dynamic live shows as a trio and as a four piece band with full percussion.
Mbrascatu - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
A musical product of the creative melting pot of Portland, Mbrascatu is an indie rock band that draws from diverse European and American roots to create a unique signature sound.

Blending together dynamics ranging from delicate to explosive; expressive Italian lyrics; hook-laden melodies; inventive arrangements; and energetic rhythms to dance to.

If you are not one of the lucky explorers who has already discovered the magic of this band’s music, stop reading, hit play, and submerge yourself in the first song before reading any further. The band features impressive vocals, fantastic arrangments, making surprising use of banjo, ukelele, lap steel, viola, violin, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and exhilarating drumming. The rhythm, which can be portentous, energetic and catchy, sometimes all at the same time, will get you dancing, the singing will resonate in your chest and the strings and drums will carry you away. Listen loud people!!

Andrea Algieri: Acoustic/electric guitars, Vocals
John Sabestinas: Electric Guitar, Banjo
Tim Anderson: Bass
Griff Bear: Violin
Mark Powers: Drums
Hannah Haas - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Venue Information:
The Secret Society
116 NE Russell
Portland, OR, 97212