The Secret Society Lounge

The Secret Society Lounge

Secret Society Moscow Mule
Our Moscow Mule

Our cozy, classic lounge is a perfect choice for, a drink and a bite, date night or late night happy hour. With capacity just under 50 people, the space encourages you to step back in time with vintage lighting and curiosities, the swank Ladies Lounge, two intimate sitting areas, and art reflecting the feel of the early 20th century Pacific Northwest.

Our classic cocktails and vintage Americana cuisine  are not your average bar fare.  Far from it. Our recipes offer quality ingredients and precision as we focus on respecting the traditions of our culinary and bartending forebearers, not some overly-fancified modern version of the original. You’ll get consistently quality food and drink at a reasonable price.

Small-batch distilleries and winemakers are well represented here, and because we forge strong relationships with local purveyors, we like to talk shop. Nothing makes us happier than spreading the word about fantastic things made by our friends and neighbors, and then sharing the flavor with you.

We are also well known for our selection of absinthe, and truly enjoy introducing people to the rituals of the green fairy. Our low lit ambience will have you feeling very 1920s French bohemian as the water drips through the sugar, slowly clouding the spirit in your glass. You’ll swear the ghost of Hemingway just stumbled into a table nearby.

Our original menu of classic drinking food never takes short cuts, either. With an old world, house made approach—from our salads to our meats to our sauces to our soups—our hearty food selections have an artisanal European-American quality that always showcases seasonal, local ingredients.

With all this talk of quality and elegance and deliciousness, be assured that there’s no trace of snobbery at The Secret Society—just a focus on what tastes good, always for the best possible value.

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